Our crew consists of up to 6 people, all of whom are experienced, professional, and trustworthy.  We also have multiple contacts and a variety of resources to help us determine the value of just about anything.



How Do Your Fees Work?


We will negotiate a commission up front as part of our agreement. Typically, this will be a percentage of the sale proceeds. The commission percentage is typically what is standard in the liquidation industry. Fees for other services are negotiated individually, such as dump fees, and will always be reasonable.


What If the Estate Includes a Vehicle or RV?


We are experienced sellers of a variety of vehicles, and will get the most for them. We have sold cars and trucks, as well as motorhomes, travel trailers, and boats. We will do all of the preparation for sale.  Because these items are high value we charge a much lower percentage.


What if the Estate Has a Lot of ‘Junk’ of Little Or No Value? 


Don’t Throw Anything Away! You would likely be surprised at the value of certain items, like vintage clothing, or antique china. We encourage our customers to not dispose of anything before we get a chance to look it over. We try to throw away as little as possible. 


Remember no two estates are alike so there are always variations. We will take the time to research any item to determine its value, and the best way to market and sell it. We will also determine the best timing for the sale (e.g. boats and RV’s are worth significantly more in May than they are in November). We will also take the time to clean it up, repair it and do anything else we believe needs to be done to maximize the selling price.